The Prisoners´ Association: The occupation forces abuse and abuse 4 prisoners during the arrest process

A report issued by the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority today, Wednesday, recorded live testimonies of prisoners and minors, in which they list details of their abuse and the degrading treatment and torture they are subjected to during their arrest from their homes, and their interrogation in Israeli detention centers.

Among the testimonies revealed by the commission's report, the testimony of Khaled Al-Qeni (16 years) from the town of Kafr Qaliil in Nablus, where the occupation forces stormed his house accompanied by police dogs in the middle of the night and broke the entrance door, and arrested him and his two brothers (Walid and Yahya). The police officer, his brother Yahya, lifted some of him with his foot, and then they were thrown into the military jeep and taken to the "Hawara" detention center. Then the minor Khaled was taken to the Lod Police Station for questioning, and he was interrogated for 6 consecutive hours while he was handcuffed and footed, and later he was transferred to a detention center. Megiddo, where he is now.


The occupation army attacked the minor Abdul-Hadi Nazzal (16 years) from the town of Qabatiya in Jenin, where members of the "Al-Yisam" unit attacked him and threw him on the ground and then severely beat him and punched him, and then dragged him to the ground and placed him on the military (Tactron), and continued By hitting him and slapping him in the face, and later he was transferred to the "Hadera" police station for interrogation,

After completing his interrogation, he was taken to the "Jalameh" detention center, and there he was detained in a solitary cell, and interrogated for several times and for long hours, in addition to his transfer to the so-called bird rooms (agents) for three days in an attempt to extract confessions from him. He remained 16 days in "Jalameh", after which he was transferred to "Megiddo" detention center, according to the commission's report.

As for the captive child Abd al-Rahman Shaqfa (16 years old), he was arrested at dawn, after members of the Special Forces and a number of Israeli soldiers stormed his house in the town of Qabatiya, took him from his home and beat him arbitrarily with the butts of their rifles, and then he was thrown into the military jeep and taken To the “Huwara” detention center, and there he was interrogated seven times, and each time he was interrogated for three consecutive hours while he was wearing a small chair, and later he was transferred to the Cubs Prisoners Department in “Megiddo,” according to the report of the Prisoners Affairs Authority.


The occupation forces also abused the young man Muhammad Abu Aker (26 years old) during his arrest from his home in Dheisheh camp in Bethlehem city, after the occupation soldiers raided his house at dawn and beat and punched him. They also beat his mother and brother, and they were shocked with electricity. It is clear that the prisoner is currently in the "Hawara" detention center, according to the commission's report.

The commission indicated that these violations, which were monitored through the testimonies documented in the report, are only a small part of what prisoners are exposed to, especially the minors.

The occupation authorities do not stop devising new methods of torture and abuse against them from the first moments of their arrest, in addition to their suffering by throwing them into cruel and inhuman conditions inside the walls of detention centers, striking against all the international laws and conventions that guarantee their rights as prisoners, according to the commission.


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