Center: 330 arrests in the past month

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies reported that the occupation forces arrested (330) citizens during last November, including 34 children and 7 women, while one of the prisoners was martyred inside prisons.

According to the monitoring of the Center during its monthly report, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 5 citizens of the Gaza Strip last month after they approached the eastern borders of the strip.

The Occupation Intelligence re-arrested the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled Ibrahim Abu Arafa, after he was summoned for investigation at the Ofer camp, and after 8 days of his arrest, an administrative detention decision was issued against him for a period of 4 months, as well as the arrests of the director of the prisoner club in Jerusalem, Nasser Qus, and the secretary of the Fatah movement Shadi The developer.

The Center monitored the arrest of 7 women, including the freed prisoner and activist in the defense of prisoners Bushra Al-Tawil, 26 years old, from the city of Al-Bireh, at a pilot checkpoint near the settlement of Yitzhar, south of Nablus. Khitam Al-Sa'afeen from her home in Ramallah, and she was transferred to administrative detention, while Birzeit University student Shaza al-Tawil was arrested from her home in the city of al-Bireh.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces continued to target minors with arrest and abuse, as the report monitored (34) cases of detention of minors under eighteen years of age, most of them from occupied Jerusalem, and the youngest of them was the 14-year-old child Omar Muhammad Shweiki, from the town of Silwan in Jerusalem.

The center pointed out that the number of martyrs of the captive movement rose to 226, after the martyrdom of the prisoner Kamal Najeeb Abu Waer from Jenin, as a result of medical negligence, after he spent 17 years in the occupation prisons.

The martyr Abu Waer was suffering from cancer in the throat and his health deteriorated rapidly as a result of not receiving any appropriate treatment, and the occupation refused to release him despite the dozens of appeals that were directed to him, especially after suffering from Corona disease last July.

The report indicated that last month witnessed an increase in the number of prisoners being infected with the Coronavirus, as the number increased to more than 137 cases, the majority of them in Gilboa prison, amid a state of disregard for their lives and failure to take measures to protect them and prevent the spread of the virus.

Riyadh Al-Ashqar, director of the center, said that the prisoners live in a state of extreme anxiety, tension and anticipation, with the increasing danger to their lives from this dangerous and contagious virus, in the absence of medical care, means of protection, or attention from the occupation.

The center indicated that, during the past month, the Occupation Courts issued (85) new administrative decisions against Palestinian prisoners between two to six months, and renewed similar decisions for others.


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