Al-Asir Club: The occupation forces arrested (13) civilians in the West Bank

The occupation forces arrested 13 citizens of the West Bank last night and at dawn on Monday.

The Asir Club said that three citizens were arrested from Bethlehem: Shadi Shihadeh, Musa Ja`ara and Ayman al-Qaisi.

Meanwhile, two citizens from Jenin were arrested: Sa`id Thabet Abu Obeid and Muhammad Samir Abu Ubaid, and two citizens from Jericho, namely: Abdul Aziz Jihad Safi and Suleiman Khaled Awajneh, according to the Asir Club.

He added that the occupation arrested two citizens from the town of Qarawat Bani Zaid in Ramallah, namely: Nour al-Din Ibrahim Sanif and Omar Raja Suleiman, in addition to

Four citizens of Jerusalem: Thaer Anis Ghobash, Muhammad Raslan Pharaoh, and Ashraf Al-Bashiti, in addition to the worship of Al-Rifai from the town of Anata.


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