414 Violations against journalists since the beginning of the year

The Committee to Support Journalists called today, Sunday, human rights organizations and defending Arab and international media freedoms to expose the policy of systematic Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, especially journalists.

In a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the committee indicated that the occupation has committed (414) violations against Palestinian journalists since the beginning of 2020, which varied between direct targeting with bullets, poisonous bombs, beatings, and arrests, and the issuance of many actual and administrative judgments. Against them, preventing coverage, closing media institutions and fighting Palestinian content, in addition to threats and raiding journalists ’homes, destroying their equipment, harassing and torturing them during their interrogation in the prisons of the occupation.

The committee affirmed that the Israeli occupation is continuing its daily violations by targeting Palestinian journalists and media professionals who document with their pens and cameras the aggression of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

The committee said, "At the time the United Nations organizes the event of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we must move the whole world to the suffering of the people in general and journalists in particular from the moral and physical violations of the Israeli occupation, which hinders the exercise of their professional work in exposing the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people." And it limits their freedom of opinion and expression. "

The committee called for urgent action to release the detained journalists in the occupation prisons, whose number rose to 25 journalists between the actual prison sentence for several years, and administrative detention, which is renewed several times without any charges, in addition to the detention of others for several years without trial or charge. .

The Committee called on Palestinian journalists to use the Day of Solidarity to show the humanitarian aspects and cover the events that are crowded with Palestine, and to document the attacks and crimes against Palestinian civilians.

The committee urged human rights and media organizations and centers to prepare a complete file on the attacks committed by the occupation soldiers against the people in general and journalists in particular, and to file complaints before international courts up to the International Criminal Court so that the occupation does not escape punishment.

And the United Nations called for swiftly taking the necessary measures to hold the Israeli war criminals accountable for their crimes against Palestinian journalists.

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