23 cases of birth of women with corona in Gaza since the start of the pandemic

 Shabir Union, the medical director at the European Gaza Hospital, said that the hospital’s maternity department witnessed the birth of 23 women infected with Coronavirus who were receiving treatment inside it.

In a statement distributed by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Shabir stated that births varied between 9 cesarean sections and 14 natural births, the last of which was two natural births last Sunday, while the number of births reached 23, including 10 males and 13 females, all of whom were in good health and did not show any complications. .

He pointed out that the department has received 60 pregnant women since its opening last August, and full care has been provided for them, including examinations and television filming, to check on their health, while there are now nine pregnant women awaiting their due date in the department.

He said: "We have equipped a special obstetrics department since the hospital was designated to treat Corona cases, and we have highly qualified medical and nursing staff who are doing their work to the fullest, in accordance with the safety and prevention measures followed."

He pointed out that the department works with obstetricians from all hospitals in the sector who rotate periods of work periodically, pointing out that newborns and their mothers receive integrated health care in accordance with global and local protocols.


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