Health: An unprecedented escalation in the epidemiological curve in the Gaza Strip

An advisor to the Minister of Health in Gaza, Fathi Abu Warda, said, “Most of the areas in the Gaza Strip are now classified as“ red areas, ”in view of the sharp rise in Coronavirus infections and the unprecedented escalation of the epidemic curve.

Abu Warda warned of the running out of the European Hospital’s capacity to receive Corona patients, noting that the intensive care rooms are accommodating about 50 to 60 patients, among them are young people who do not suffer from chronic diseases.

He expressed his hope that the epidemiological situation would be brought under control, stressing that the citizen's awareness of the need to adhere to the preventive measures is the one on which he can count, to avoid moving to the stage of closure of the affected areas in the Strip.

Abu Warda said in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio, today, Saturday, that as a result of the large increase in injuries in Corona, the operations programmed in the hospitals in the Gaza Strip are stopped, due to the state of emergency.

He announced that within days, two trucks carrying urgent medical aid will arrive in the Gaza Strip to confront Corona, including respirators and special medicines for patients with chronic diseases.


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