BDS responds to Pompeo: Intimidation will not silence us

The Boycott of Israel Movement (BDS) said, Thursday, that it will resist the US administration’s attempts to intimidate human rights defenders to impose the Israeli colonial-settler, occupation and apartheid regime.

This came in response to statements by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, in which he said that "his country will consider the BDS movement as anti-Semitic, and that it will take steps against it soon."

The movement said in its statement: The Trump administration is trying to discredit the Boycott of Israel Movement (BDS), a human rights movement led by the widest Palestinian coalition, and the reputation of millions of its supporters around the world as the movement is "anti-Semitic." She added that the BDS movement principally and consistently rejects all forms of racism, including racism against Jews.

She emphasized that the Trump-Netanyahu alliance, which is extremist in its racism and hostility to the Palestinian people, intentionally mixes the rejection of the Israeli occupation, colonialism and apartheid regime against the Palestinians and calls for a boycott on the one hand and anti-Jewish racism as Jews on the other hand, with the aim of suppressing and silencing calls and movements in support of Palestinian rights under international law.


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