A young woman from Gaza uses "wool" to create paintings

 Aya Al-Maghari, a 22-year-old resident of al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, was able to challenge the difficulties and seek to create a new form of artistic creativity that she had been practicing for more than 8 years in fine art, using a creative method, the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, by using "wool" to create paintings through it that embody drawings of personalities, artistic and natural figures.
The method of using "wool" in painting is rare in the world, especially in Gaza, with a lack of materials and tools to do so, but young Magari, challenged all the difficulties until she reached her goal of reaching the necessary tools, to show her artistic creativity, which she developed herself through her experiences in different fine art, until she succeeded in achieving her creative artistic idea.
Al-Magari suffered from access to tools and purchases, especially since the price is high, which made her in a period of challenge in front of herself until she found those tools, and began in her first steps by drawing through the use of "wool", noting that she began learning alone through the simple artwork that depends on the work of "pillows" or other light uses, until she reached in a short time to the main idea that she put in front of her by drawing the figures.
Al-Magari explained that she was able to draw the characters by using Graphic in black and white, and then gradually showed the character's face in gray to make the artistic image clearer.
She pointed out that this idea was derived through the search for the Internet in an attempt to challenge a new challenge ending the idea of traditional work that she has been doing for 8 years, pointing out that she found in textile art using wool a new and different kind of art present in the sector, and therefore accepted the challenge of herself, and began to use the ideas that she has until she reached the expected success she expected from the beginning of her adoption application of the idea.
Al-Magari said that drawing characters using wool is a very complex work, and that each work of art to draw any character lasts 6 hours in a row, because it needs to be focused and meticulous lydeed in order to finish the work properly.
She said that her first work in fine art began through experiments on painting paintings in some major exhibitions, noting that she participated in courses related to fine and contemporary art, and succeeded in drawing many paintings that were sold to citizens, with the support of civil society organizations in Gaza.
Al-Magari expressed her hope that her new works will find her way to local, Arab and possibly international stardom, noting that she aspires to showcase and sell her products online or otherwise.

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