Two injuries in the head and chest in the Kafr Qaddum clashes

Two citizens were injured today, Friday, in the Kafr Qaddum clashes, east of Qalqilya, with the occupation soldiers, one in the head and the second in the chest.

PalPress in Gaza correspondent in Qalqilya reported that one of the citizens was hit in the head with metal bullets, and another was hit in the chest with a metal bullet and a sound grenade, and he was taken to hospital.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the occupation soldiers had brutally repressed the march and fired all kinds of bullets and bombs towards the participants in the weekly peaceful march calling for the opening of the main entrance that has been closed since 2003.

They added, "Ambushes were set up between the olive groves to arrest the participants in the march, and the water tanks were fired at on the roofs of the houses in order to puncture them. An ambush prepared by the soldiers was foiled and the soldiers fled from the site."

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