Japan provides $33 million to build schools in West Bank and Gaza

Today, Wednesday, it signed two Japanese support agreements worth $ 33 million, in favor of improving Palestinian camps and building a number of schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, under the patronage and presence of Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh.

The agreement was signed by: Minister of Finance Shukri Bishara, representative of the JICA office in Palestine, Toshia Abe, at the Prime Minister's Office in Ramallah, and member of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Head of the Refugee Affairs Department, Ahmed Abu Houli, via video call from the Gaza Strip, in the presence of the Japanese ambassador Palestine has Maguchi Masayuki.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said, "We extend our thanks on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas, who is bound and bound together by the friendship between us and the friendly nation of Japan, which provides serious and tangible support to our Palestinian people, in order to strengthen educational institutions, infrastructure and culture, and various sectors."

Shtayyeh added, "The two agreements that were signed today worth 33 million dollars, distributed over the construction of 10 schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and strengthening the infrastructure in some Palestinian camps, and this support is a major priority to strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian citizen."

He continued: "The camp is not the subject of improving infrastructure, as it is a symbol of the Palestinian right of return, and strengthening its presence is a political identity, and building schools is the top priority for the Palestinian development project. The Palestinians are proud of having the highest rates of education in the world." 

Shtayyeh added, "We congratulate the new Japanese prime minister, and we extend our sincere thanks to the former prime minister with whom we have worked for a long time. Japan is with us to end the occupation, strengthen Palestinian institutions, and embody and consolidate the state on the ground."

For his part, Abu Huli appreciated the Japanese support for refugee camps, whether in Palestine or in the diaspora, in addition to the continued support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which is targeted politically and financially with the aim of ending its existence.

In turn, the Japanese ambassador, on behalf of the Japanese government, affirmed their continued support to our Palestinian people, especially children, youth and marginalized communities in all the Palestinian territories, stressing more work with the government and the Palestinian people to enhance friendship and mutual trust.

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