Gaza: Stances condemning UNRWA policies

 The Popular and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, today, Wednesday, organized protest vigils in front of UNRWA centers in Khan Yunis and Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, to protest against the UN's policies in light of the Corona pandemic.

A first stand for popularity was organized in front of the UNRWA center in the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah, where slogans were raised in English and Arabic calling for the departure of Matthias Shamali, Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, and denouncing the policies of the UN organization.

Bassam Abu Ghali, a member of the Refugee Affairs Department of the Front, accused, in a speech, of the UNRWA administration's procedures as being political par excellence and consistent with the Deal of the Century, and that Matthias was implementing the instructions of US President Donald Trump.

Abu Ghali called on the UNRWA administration to reverse all the measures it had taken, including reducing services and ending the contracts of hundreds of employees, and stopping the policy of terrorizing employees, especially the permission, and providing them with all the elements of health care while performing their duties, and urgently allocating more urgent budgets to the camps in light of Corona pandemic.

Meanwhile, blocs of the Democratic Front organized a series of sit-ins in front of UNRWA headquarters, in the western camp, Ma'an, New Abasan and Abasan al-Kabira in Khan Yunis governorate, and the agency's director of operations in the southern region, to reject the new mechanism of the UN agency to distribute food aid.

The protesters held the UNRWA administration in the Gaza Strip headed by its director of operations Matthias Shamali, fully responsible for the mismanagement and the slowdown in the distribution of food aid to more than a million Palestinian refugees, which increases the difficult suffering of the Palestinian refugees.


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