The occupation arrests activist Khairy Hanoun from Tulkarm

The occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, the popular resistance activist Khairy Hanoun after raiding his home in the town of Anabta, east of Tulkarm.

His family said that the occupation forces broke into the house and searched it before arresting him.

Hanoun is one of the most prominent activists of the popular resistance, and he always participates in rallies and activities denouncing the practices of the occupation, especially the confiscation of lands, in addition to national sit-ins and solidarity with the captive movement.

Hanoun gained fame and local and international attention when the media documented the incident of his downfall and assault by the occupation soldiers on the first of September during a march against the occupation authorities' decision to confiscate 800 dunums of the lands of Shufa, Jabara and Al Ras, south of Tulkarm, where a soldier dropped him to the ground and put his knee on the neck Hanoun, who said at the time that he had been subjected to an assassination attempt in a way that recalled what happened with George Floyd in the United States, who was killed by an American soldier, after he pressed Floyd's neck (with his knee) to prevent him from moving during his arrest.

The Tulkarm National Action Factions condemned the arrest of its member, Khairy Hanoun, and warned against attacking him and demanded his immediate release.

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