97% of Corona injuries in Gaza have mild symptoms

Mohammed Abu Salmiya, Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, said today, Saturday, that 97% of the cases that were infected with the Coronavirus had minor symptoms, and many of them recovered.

Abu Salmiya confirmed in a radio interview this morning that Gaza is still in the stage of controlling the virus, but it has not yet reached a stage before coexisting with it.

He indicated that there are indications that the situation in Gaza is still good, through the clear decrease in the number of injuries and the great stability in the cases of the injured.

He said, "Indicators of the plague situation in Gaza indicate a future good, and this does not mean that we do not adhere to preventive and safety measures."

He added that to eliminate the Corona virus, we must have a lifestyle represented by wearing a muzzle, physical distancing, and personal hygiene, and otherwise we will be in a dangerous and worrying situation.


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