The funeral of the martyr Jabarin in Jenin

Today, the body of the martyr Dr. Nidal Jabareen took place in a mass rally that started from the Great City Mosque, led by his comrades in the profession and representatives of the national and Islamic forces and all the trade union and professional forces in the governorate.

After his family cast their last farewell look at his corpse, which was wrapped in the Palestinian flag, the funeral procession set off led by a number of gunmen who fired shots in the air - and the march roamed the city streets amid patriotic chants condemning the occupation and its crimes.

After the martyr passed away, a memorial festival was held, in which the secretary of the "Fatah" movement spoke in the Jenin region, Ata Abu Armila, explaining that the occupation crime against Jabarin will not stop the march of struggle and challenge to the occupation and the typists, and he praised the virtues of the martyr who was one of the cadres and sons of the Fatah movement and participated in Giving and fighting in many national and humanitarian ways. He wished for the martyrs until he obtained them, stressing that our people's response to the occupation will be by strengthening unity, cohesion and resistance.

Sheikh Khader Adnan saluted in the speech of patriotic and Islamic forces, the spirit of the martyr who wrote with blood and sacrifice, responding to the occupation, the typists and the surrendered, stressing that our people will not kneel, submit, or give up an iota of the soil of their homeland, stressing that this crime will not go unpunished by all the united forces of our people In the face of the occupation and its crimes and those who are collaborating with it in treason and normalization.

Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Dentists Syndicate, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qaisi, delivered a speech in which the martyr mourned, offering condolences to his family and the people of his city, denouncing the severity of the new crime that is added to the ongoing crime record of the occupation that will not affect the determination and morale of our people.


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