116 new cases of Corona were recorded in Gaza

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced this morning, Friday, that 116 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded during the past 24 hours.

In its daily report, the Ministry stated that 114 of the injuries are from within the Gaza Strip, and 2 of the returnees are in quarantine centers, noting that 1578 samples were withdrawn during the same period.

And it indicated that 13 new recoveries were recorded.

Since last March, the total number of injuries has reached 697, of whom 603 are active, including 577 from the inside, 26 from the returnees, 89 recovered, and 5 deaths, including 4 from inside Gaza, and the fifth case from returnees from abroad.

She indicated that the emergency operations room in the Ministry of Health with all its committees is following the developments of the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip and doubling its efforts to contain the outbreak, and that the specialized teams are still working around the clock to investigate the epidemiological and follow-up map of contacts in the regions.

She said, "Citizens' awareness of this dangerous stage and their commitment to preventive controls will break the severity of the epidemic."

She added, "In front of these increasing numbers of injuries, there is no room for complacency and recklessness for one moment, otherwise we will pay a heavy price in our lives."

She stressed the need to adhere to immobilizing procedures except for the most urgent necessity, with wearing a muzzle, washing hands and physical distancing, stressing that everyone should intensify preventive measures for the elderly, people with chronic diseases, children and immunocompromised.


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