Defense of the Child International: The occupation decision regarding detained children lacks justice

The director of the accountability program in the global movement for the defense of the child, Ayed Abu Qutaish, said today, Wednesday, that a court amendment to the military order (1651) regarding detained children (12-14 years) lacks justice and conditions. A fair trial, describing it as a blatant assault on humanitarian law and child rights law.

Abu Qutaish added in a radio interview, that this amendment would cancel the time limit for the sentence that can be imposed on the accused child, and he could be tried based on his age in court and not from the moment of his arrest.

Abu Qutaish indicated that the movement continues to prepare special reports for submission to international and human rights institutions on the reality of the treatment that children are subjected to and the occupation military decree to amend laws, and to issue new laws that affect children's rights and serve the interests of the occupation, far from justice and humanity.


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