"Shams": Israel prepares for annexation plan by escalating the demolition of facilities and destroying the principles of international law

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy Information "Shams" said that it is closely following and with great concern and condemnation the escalation of demolition, confiscation and eviction crimes carried out by Israel targeting all types of Palestinian establishments, religious, tourist, industrial, commercial and agricultural And the official, and primarily residential.

The center confirmed in a report that this policy caused the displacement and displacement of hundreds of Palestinians, many of them children and women, as the percentage of children who were displaced according to a random sample reached 20%, while the percentage of women who were demolished facilities that they owned reached 7% in addition to those who were displaced. According to what the center monitored.

He said that the Israeli demolition machine did not show mercy to any kind of Palestinian installations, and extended to level the ground with houses, dwellings, schools, village councils, parks, fuel stations, cafes, solar energy projects, car washrooms, and even cesspits and corona virus treatment centers, in insistence on practicing racism against everything that pertains to humans. The Palestinian and his presence on his land is related, within a colonial system that intersects and is integrated on one goal, which is to annex the land and displace the indigenous population.

Since the beginning of the year, the "Shams" Center has monitored that (226) Palestinian facilities have been demolished throughout the West Bank, (13) of which are owned by women. Most of them are concentrated in areas classified (C). Israel uses many arguments in its attempt to legalize the crime of demolition, including construction. Without a permit, which teaches the Palestinians in Area C that they will not obtain it for political reasons, or the demolition as part of the policy of collective punishment against the families of Palestinian militants, in addition to other arguments such as establishing settlement projects or being near the apartheid wall.

The Center also noted the excuse of demolishing a retaining wall for a Jerusalemite citizen. One of the most bizarre and overly underrated excuses is the view of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He pointed out that in the context of the targeting geography, the main Palestinian cities in the eye of the "deal of the century" and the annexation plans branching from it were the same as the targets on the ground, as the highest percentage of targets came in Jerusalem, the capital, then Hebron governorate, followed by Jericho and Al Aghwar, and then the city of Beit Meat is the highest of four Palestinian cities in which Palestinian facilities have been targeted.

He also indicated that monitoring the targeting time indicates that the highest month in the notifications was the fifth month of the current year, as notifications reached (265) notifications, while the highest month of demolition was the next month, i.e. the sixth of the current year, with a total number of (90) A demolition operation, many of which targeted more than one facility, in the same operation, with the upcoming implementation date of the annexation plan.

The "Shams" Center shed light on the self-demolition that continues with oppression, as the number of establishments that the occupation authorities forced their owners to self-demolish until the middle of this year reached (35) facilities, the vast majority of which are houses. The targeting therein, which explains the difference in the percentage of self-demolition operations between Jabal Al Mukaber, which reached 52%, and the town of Abu Dis, which reached 3%, according to the proximity or distance to the Temple Mount, which confirms the policy of conversion and intensification.

The Center highlighted to its fans the most important Israeli demolitions, confiscations and evictions that took place during the last week of this month only, which increased in an unprecedented manner, and were represented in the forcing the municipality and the occupation forces in Jerusalem to self-demolish their homes, namely Iyad Abu Subaih in the Silwan neighborhood, and Issa Allan Owaisat in Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood, and two brothers Samer and Suleiman al-Qaq in the Ain al-Luza neighborhood in the town of Silwan, and Nihad Sobeih Shuqirat in the Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood, Khaled Abu Ta'a in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Muhammad Alloun in the town of Beit Hanina, and Ibrahim Subei` and his aunt, south of the city.

Citizens in the Ras al-Ahmar area, east of Tamoun, in the Tubas governorate, and in the village of Susiya and the village of Shaab al-Butm, east of Yatta town in the Hebron governorate, were notified of demolition of their facilities.

In addition, two agricultural rooms were demolished in the area between the town of al-Zaim and the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem, a commercial facility in the Ein al-Luza area in the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem, water pools in the village of al-Jiftlik, a residential room in the Wadi Juhaish area, and two houses in Khirbet Beit Iskarya, south of Bethlehem. A water tank and a house in Farasin village in the Ya'bad region, west of Jenin, and three houses in Silwan town belong to the Al-Tahan family.

The "Shams" Center stressed that these violent colonial practices rise to the level of a war crime according to the Rome Statute, and in other cases they are collective punishment in violation of Articles (33, 49 and 53) of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons on the Threshold of Memorial. 71 for its signature, and Israeli practices violate Article (25) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article (11) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and Article (5) of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and the protection and maintenance provided by these conventions And take care of the right to housing.

The Center condemned the identification of the Israeli judicial system with violent colonial practices and their bias in affirming the decisions of demolition, confiscation and eviction, which constitutes a new confirmation that the Israeli judiciary is part of the tools of the colonial system, and participates in the commission of war crimes against the Palestinians and gives them a legal cover.

The Center called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and work urgently to provide protection for Palestinian civilians under occupation, and to stop the policy of turning a blind eye to Israel's colonial practices, which suggests that it is above the law and encourages it to recount the logic of force and legitimize violations without any consideration for any accountability, especially in light of The absolute American support from the racist Trump administration for the racist Israeli colonial behavior and its oppressive practices against Palestinian civilians.


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