108 new cases of Coronavirus in occupied Jerusalem

Dr. Ali Al-Jabrini of the Anti-Corona Unit in occupied Jerusalem said this evening, Monday, that the city witnessed 108 new infections with the Coronavirus.

Al-Jabrini indicated in a press statement, that the recovery rates exceeded 209 cases during the last two days, especially after the implementation of the new health protocol, and that the number of active cases in the city has reached 1722.

Al-Jabrini appealed to citizens to conduct tests, especially after the opening of new examination stations in some neighborhoods of Jerusalem, with an emphasis on adherence to health recommendations, in terms of social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining sterilization, especially among the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

He pointed out that the main Jerusalem hospitals cannot receive patients with the virus, especially with the approach of winter.

Regarding the approaching date of the study and the opening of the new year, Dr. Al-Jabrini said that there is a plan, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, that is being worked on to encourage parents to return their children to schools in accordance with a protocol that takes into account health needs in order to preserve the safety of our children.


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