Hamdouna: The prisoners´ cells are turning into unbearable furnaces in light of high temperatures

The director of the Prisoners Center for Studies, Raafat Hamdouna, called today, Sunday, the human rights and humanitarian organizations, the international pressure groups and the International Red Cross to urgently visit prisons to see the conditions of prisoners, especially in the prisons and prisons of the Negev desert, in light of the high temperature.

Hamdouna stated in a press statement that the prisoners suffer from the heat of the rooms in the Negev detention camp and the prisons of the south in general, which the sun strikes throughout the day in light of the high temperatures above their normal rate every year, and overcrowding in the rooms, which led to the conversion of the rooms into hot ovens. Endurable.

Hamdouna stressed that the lack of control over the conditions of detention centers, and the prison administration singling out prisoners in light of official incitement from the occupation authorities and the Israeli government, and ignoring their demands, needs a serious pause to pressure the occupation in order to improve the conditions of detainees until their freedom.


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