A pause for journalists in Gaza in solidarity with their colleagues in Lebanon

Dozens of Palestinian journalists participated, Thursday evening, in a solidarity stand organized by the Committee to Support Journalists in Gaza in support of the press institutions that were destroyed in the Beirut port explosion.

Many trade union organizations and press frameworks, as well as civil society institutions and scholars, participated in the stand organized in the center of Gaza City.

The Chairman of the Committee to Support Journalists, Saleh Al-Masry, said, during a speech, that this solidarity stand, which was interspersed with candlelight, is the least duty towards the Lebanese people and the Lebanese media institutions that were seriously injured by the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut.

The Egyptian journalist pointed out that dozens of Lebanese, Arab and even Palestinian institutions operating in Lebanon were subjected to extensive destruction, and several Lebanese, Arab and Palestinian colleagues were injured.

And he considered that the Arab and Islamic solidarity campaign, especially the Palestinian ones, with the Lebanese people and with the Lebanese media institutions, confirms the authenticity of the Palestinian people, who have always stood by the Arab peoples in all the difficult stations.


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