Furwana: The occupation arrested (13) citizens from Gaza last month

Abdel Nasser Farwana, a specialist in prisoners and liberated affairs, said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested (13) citizens from the Gaza Strip during the month of July.

And Ferwana stated in a press statement to him, that (3) of these citizens were arrested while crossing the Beit Hanoun / Erez checkpoint, after obtaining passes, and they are still in detention, and they are: (Abdullah Al-Daghmeh, Mansour Al-Safadi and Saeed Al-Shurafa).

He pointed out that (4) other citizens working in the fishing profession were arrested near the Rafah Sea in the southern Gaza Strip, namely: Imad Al-Bardawil, Mohamed Siam, Khaled Al-Bardawil and Wadih Al-Bardawil, and they were released after an arrest that lasted for nearly two weeks.

While the others (6) were arrested at different periods during the past month after crossing the eastern and northern borders of the Gaza Strip towards the occupied territories in 1948, all of them were released and allowed to return to the Strip after their detention, interrogation, and interrogation for a few hours.

Farwana explained that the occupation army's treatment of Palestinian infiltrators who were arrested during the past month raises many fears and doubts of Israeli intentions, as the quick release and their return to the Gaza Strip through random and unofficial points, after a few hours of detention, interrogation and investigation, in three incidents in the same context during the month the past.

Farwana called on all persons who infiltrate and then arrest and release them and allow them to return to the Strip via random points by handing themselves directly to the security services and the competent authorities in order to be examined and quarantined as coming from an infected area, in order to preserve the safety of society and the citizens of the Corona virus. .

He called on families to inform the competent authorities if any of their children were subjected to any arrest at the border and returned home without surrendering to security in order to ensure their safety and the safety of society.


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