Media institutions calling for a halt to the pursuit of Palestinian content

 Media institutions today called for the need to stop pursuing Palestinian content through social networks.

This came in separate statements on the occasion of the high day of social media, or what is known as "Social media day," which falls on June 30 of each year.

"While the world celebrates the International Day of Social Media, the sites and platforms of this network continue to impose unjust restrictions on Palestinian content and disable hundreds of accounts of Palestinian activists in the West Bank and Gaza, under clear pressure from the Israeli occupation," the Committee to Support Journalists said.

She pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the administration of "Facebook" has violated dozens of sites and pages, where more than (196) violations of the Palestinian content have been detected, and this was clearly demonstrated by the deletion, ban, and restriction of publishing and closing the accounts of many journalists and media workers, under the pretext of violating and violating The so-called "privacy and publishing standards" of "Facebook", "YouTube" and other social media sites, ignoring all the standards and laws that allow freedom of opinion and expression.

The Committee appealed to all international institutions, headed by the International Federation of Journalists, UNESCO and Reporters Without Borders, to put pressure on the Facebook administration, which practices double standards and practices, unleashing Israeli pages that advocate racism and hatred, while at the same time restricting the Palestinian pages.

The Committee stressed that this restriction of the Palestinian platforms, whether official or personal, exacerbates the suffering of the Palestinians in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, as these pages that have been disabled contribute to educating citizens about the dangers of the Corona virus, and the Palestinians use them for electronic communication and distance education in light of the home quarantine.

The committee indicated that this measure is contrary to all international covenants and treaties that provide for respect for freedom of opinion and expression.

The committee pointed out that the aim of this narrowing is to absent the Palestinian voice in light of the continuous Israeli plans targeting the Palestinian presence and uprooting it from its land, especially the law annexing the lands of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

For its part, the Palestinian Media Forum said, "The International Day of Access Sites is resolved in light of targeting the Palestinian content, which reflects the double standards of social media departments that open the door to its deaths in the face of the blatant Israeli incitement to shed Palestinian blood while accelerating to delete and close Palestinian pages and accounts. Just because it defends the Palestinian right consistent with the values ​​of freedom, justice, humanity and international laws. "

"The clear and systematic targeting of the Palestinian content refutes the allegations of respect for freedom of opinion and expression and human rights, and exposes the extent of crude collusion with the Israeli occupation authorities that violate the freedom of the press in the evening in the occupied Palestinian territories, as 20 Palestinian journalists remain in its prisons, in addition to killing and wounding Hundreds of journalists with bullets and treacherous bombs, qualifying them with unrivaled merit to claim the front of the enemies of the press in the world.

He called on social media platforms to refrain from the approach of targeting the Palestinian content, harmony with its values ​​and slogans by providing freedom of opinion and expression, not to be involved and consistent with the agenda of the Israeli occupation disavowed of all values ​​of freedom, justice and humanity, and commitment to international and humanitarian principles and laws that affirm respect for human rights, foremost among which is the right In freedom of opinion and expression.

Liberals of the world and advocates of the Palestinian right demanded the necessity of pressing the social media platforms to stop targeting the Palestinian content, join forces to protect the Palestinian content, work to publish it on various platforms as a form of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, expose the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation in the occupied Palestinian territories, and not allow Exclusively, the false Israeli occupation narration in cyberspace.


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