11 civilians were arrested in the West Bank, including a high school student

At dawn on Monday, Israeli occupation forces arrested 11 citizens from different parts of the West Bank.
Local sources said that the occupying forces arrested Abdullah Mustafa Abu Shash, Mohammed Salim Hanoune and Samir Sobhi Mohammed Mahdawi from Tulkarem.
The israeli occupation forces handed over the family of the editor, Sheikh Iyad Nasser, from Shweika, north of Tulkarem, to surrender in the morning.
The Israeli army arrested three youths near the village of Salem, east of Nablus.
From Ramallah, the occupying forces arrested amr Abu Qar from the western farm in the north.
From Hebron, high school student Amin Imad al-Salbi and khalil Iyad Zaqiq, both from Beit Amr in the north, were arrested along with editor Ahmed Salama Abu Ras and Vakar Sharif Abu Ras, both from Dura in the south.

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