Al Mezan Center warns against the repercussions of corona on workers and calls for compensation

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights warned of the repercussions of the serious crisis of "Corona" on Palestinian workers and their families as a result of the decline in economic conditions and the low rotation of the wheel of production and stopping it in some facilities.

The Center for Human Rights in a statement today, Saturday, to the state of trade stagnation in the Palestinian markets, high unemployment rates and an increase in the level of poverty. He said that the size and scope of the current crisis and the Palestinian government's application of emergency measures, including restricting economic activity, will be paid by workers and their families. He pointed out that that crisis and its accompanying measures "reaffirm the fragility of the situation and the weakness of the economic structure and its deterioration in the Gaza Strip in particular, as a result of the tight siege of the Israeli occupation."

He pointed out that the occupation forces practiced a policy of racial discrimination towards Palestinian workers who were driven by the difficult economic conditions to continue working inside the occupied territories in 1948. He pointed out that the information received from there confirms that Palestinian workers live in very difficult conditions in terms of the availability of decent housing, and care Health for the sick of them.

And he added, "They are also working in inhumane conditions that do not have the minimum health safety measures in light of the Corona outbreak." And he showed that the reality of workers in the Palestinian territories in general, and the Gaza Strip in particular, is extremely difficult. And he added, "The scarcity of work opportunities in recent years contributed to the breakdown of employers from applying the labor law that guarantees the minimum conditions for decent work, and forcing them to work in an insecure and unhealthy environment."

Al-Mizan called for active intervention and taking the necessary measures to protect workers from infection with the Covid 19 virus, providing protection and safety equipment inside the facilities, and ensuring health safety for them and their families.

He stressed the necessity and importance of compensating workers who stopped working due to the Corona pandemic. He called on the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities, in order to end the blockade imposed on Gaza 14 years ago, to ensure the flow of production inputs from raw materials, and to allow the movement of exports and imports to flow without restrictions. He cautioned that the international community should guarantee freedom of trade, advance the reconstruction of Gaza, and provide the necessary assistance to overcome the crisis and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. He also called on the Palestinian authorities to the necessity that the worker be a priority in government action, by ensuring decent and decent living, providing sustainable protection for workers, ensuring health safety, and protecting them from the Corona virus. He called on the government to adopt policies and strategies that accelerate the overcoming of the "Corona" crisis, address its effects and stimulate economic growth, and take measures and measures to provide social protection.

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