Agricultural relief calls for the protection of the working class

called for agricultural relief to guarantee the rights of the Palestinian worker by providing a source of livelihood and a decent life for him and his family, and called on the competent authorities to provide a safety net and protection for the working class that is exposed to violations.

Relief demanded that the government activate compensation funds for farmers affected by violations or natural phenomena, as these funds protect workers in the agricultural sector and their families.

She said in a statement on Saturday, that the first of May this year carries with it a lot of suffering for the workers, as it comes in light of conditions and circumstances that have burdened the worker and increased his suffering.

She pointed out that workers in the agricultural sector suffer from conditions crunched by the "Corona" pandemic, and negatively affected their living and economic conditions.

She added that women workers, especially in the agricultural sector, who account for 60% of workers in this sector, are deprived of their rights and fall victim to the greed of employers and capital, and they are mainly deprived of the minimum wages, and are deprived of health and work injury insurance, in addition to violating privacy and deprivation Among the leaves, especially maternity leave, and the absence of supervision and the absence of the implementation of legislation increases the suffering of working women and gives way to brutality against them and their rights.

She called to highlight the daily workers in the agricultural sector, who were affected and lost most of their source of income due to the Corona pandemic and the deterioration of economic conditions, and to adopt cash transfer programs to protect these workers and lift their families from poverty and hunger.

The governmental and supervisory authorities called for pressure on employers and obliging them to pay workers ’dues and provide an appropriate work environment that does not detract from the dignity and humanity of workers.

She called for the formation of cooperative societies to prevent the exploitation of workers by merchants, employers and capital owners, and the need to work to create awareness among workers and workers to join or establish trade unions that protect their rights and protect them from exploitation and discrimination.


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