1097 injuries and 56 deaths among Palestinian communities due to Corona

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that its specialized team is following the community’s situation in the United States of America, as no new cases were recorded in the community’s ranks since yesterday.

The ministry added in a statement today, Monday, that it continues to monitor the conditions of trainees and military students present in more than one country to check on their health and safety and meet their needs, which number (600), through the embassies of the state of Palestine concerned and in coordination with the competent Palestinian authorities.

She stated that the number of injuries among our communities in many countries of the world amounted to 1097 to the moment, while 56 deaths were recorded.

Malaysia instructs its embassy in Jordan about arranging to send medical aid to the State of Palestine

The Ministry confirmed that the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed its embassy in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan regarding the logistical arrangement of medical assistance that will be sent to the State of Palestine to meet its needs to confront the new "Corona" virus.

She said that the Palestinian Embassy in Malaysia had sent a request last March to the Malaysian Foreign Ministry to help provide some laboratory tools to conduct the necessary examinations in the State of Palestine, which consist of one million pieces of destination mask, 500 pieces of face shields, and 500 thousand pieces of Rubber gloves, in the framework of mobilizing medical and financial support for Palestine to confront "Corona".

Chile: No new injuries

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Chile confirmed that it is constantly following the community’s conditions and communicating with them, noting that the injured person has recovered from the community and that no new cases have been recorded.

And reported the completion of the signing of the assistance agreement provided by the community in the amount of half a million dollars to the Cooperation Foundation, which will be allocated to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Two new HIV infections recorded in Norway

The Palestine Mission to the Kingdom of Norway and through the Emergency Committee is following up and communicating with the community’s conditions, confirming the registration of two new injuries in its ranks in the city of Bergen in the Norwegian West, one in intensive care and the other stable and in home quarantine, and the ambassador has contacted with the families of the injured to check on them and determine their needs.

Our embassy in Qatar: the recovery of three cases of the virus

The Emergency Committee at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Qatar continues the community affairs to check on its health and stand up for its needs, noting that no new injuries were recorded in its ranks, and three cases of medical quarantine emerged after their recovery, and the embassy also follows the conditions of the stranded, and provides them with any assistance they request according to Its capabilities.

Netherlands: Three cases of one family recovered

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Netherlands is following the conditions of the community, students, and the stranded, and is constantly communicating with them to check on their health and safety, and confirms the recovery of three cases from one family and their return to normal life, which is the Palestinian family who died three weeks ago in the Netherlands due to the virus.

Our embassy in Oman continues to follow the conditions of the community and students

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Sultanate of Oman continues to follow the conditions of the community and students to check on their safety and stand up to their needs, and the embassy is active in collecting donations from the private sector, individuals, companies and businessmen, and implemented a documented donation campaign that collected about (27540) dollars.

It reported the presence of 34 citizens and students who wish to return to the homeland, and follow up some of their urgent needs pending the ability to return.

Saudi Arabia: Transfer 4 trainees to Jeddah after completing their course

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Consulate General in Jeddah supervised the transfer of 4 trainees to Jeddah after completing their course after obtaining the official approval in the light of the curfew and the movement between the cities of the Kingdom, and they are fine and in good health, and housing and basic needs have been secured, and coverage Their financial needs with the competent authority.

Our embassy in Sri Lanka is following a citizen with cancer

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to Sri Lanka said that it is following the health status of a Palestinian citizen who is in one of the country's prisons, where he was found to be diagnosed with cancer, and she reached an understanding with the Immigration Department to be transferred to a private hospital in Colombo.

The embassy is also following up with the competent Palestinian authorities to provide financial coverage for the costs of his hospital stay and treatment.

Algeria: A new infection with the Coruna virus among our community

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria confirmed that it is in continuous communication with embassy representatives in all states, community, students, student units, and the General Union of Palestine Students to check on their health and safety to stand up to their needs.

She reported that a new injury had been recorded in the community in the governorate of Blida, and the ambassador called her family to check on her health, and her condition is stable, and she is at home quarantine receiving treatment.

She explained that she is also following the situation of stranded citizens and students, and is awaiting the latest developments in this matter.


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