50 deaths and 1066 cases of corona among Palestinian communities in the world

 The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the total number of deaths among Palestinian communities in the world reached 50 deaths, and that the number of injuries reached 1066, while the total number of people recovered reached 298 cases.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that four new injuries were recorded in the Galilee Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, which brings the total number of injuries there to five and that their condition is stable.

According to the statement, a new death was recorded in the state of New Mexico, in the United States of America, and 14 injuries were recorded among the members of our community in the states of Chicago and New Jersey, bringing the total number of injuries in the United States to date to 640 injuries and 33 deaths, while recovery cases reached 168 cases Recover.

In Britain, the first death of corona in the Palestinian community, Nasser Zamil, in the fifties, was recorded, as indicated by the Foreign Office statement.

In Brazil, 6 new infections were recorded in the Amazon region among the Palestinian community, all of them with house stone, including the community leader, and their conditions were stable.


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