Prisoners of Palestine: 14 prisoners who spent more than 3 decades behind bars

Prisoners of Palestine: 14 prisoners who spent more than 3 decades behind bars

GAZA - The Palestinian Prisoners Studies Center said that the occupation authorities have arrested 51 Palestinian prisoners for more than 20 years, including 14 prisoners who spent more than 30 years behind bars continuously, the oldest of whom was the prisoner Karim Younis.

The researcher, Riyad Al-Ashqar, the center’s media spokesman, said in a press statement today that the fourteen prisoners are on the list of honor and heroism, and despite the passage of more than 3 decades of their detention, they still enjoy a high moral spirit that embraces the sky, and the occupation has not been able to He breaks their thorns, weakens their resolve, or sows despair in them. Some of them got postgraduate degrees, and some of them wrote novels, stories, and others.

He added: "These prisoners are at greater risk than others in light of the spread of the Corona virus, as they are old, and they spent decades in prisons, which affected their health condition, and most of them suffer from various diseases and their immunity is weak, which poses a real threat to their lives."

Al-Ashqar indicated that this group of prisoners did not take their right to shed light on them by the media. Every prisoner had a story of pain and suffering different from the rest of the prisoners, including those who lost one or both of their parents, or a son, brother, or dear to his heart, without They can look at the last farewell look at them.

And some of them grew up his sons and graduated from universities and became wives and children for them, after they were children when he was arrested, and he was denied participation in this special occasion, and some of them married his daughters and could not congratulate her or participate in her wedding ceremony, which left heartbreak in his heart.

Al-Ashqar considered that this group of prisoners deserves to be remembered and praised for their heroism throughout the days of the year, and not only on the day of the Palestinian prisoner, where some of them exceeded the age of sixty years, after having exceeded all deals, while most of them suffer from poor health conditions.

Al-Ashqar demanded the release of these prisoners under the exceptional circumstances that the world lives in, fearing for their lives if the Corona virus reached the prisons of the occupation, especially since there was a previous agreement to release them that took place 7 years ago between the authority and the occupation to release all the old prisoners in 4 batches, where it was launched The occupation released 3 batches, and the release of the fourth batch was halted after negotiations stalled.

Al-Ashqar said: The old prisoners live with double suffering, as they spent tens of years behind bars under poor health conditions as a result of the period of detention and the poor conditions that the prisoners live in prisons. They also suffer from the lack of regular checks for them regularly so as to discover diseases in their bodies before they become old. And the constant movement, as the occupation treats them like other prisoners, and does not take into account their long years of detention or their old age.

And Al-Ashqar stated that one of the old prisoners had risen as a martyr last year, and he was a prisoner, Faris Ahmed Baroud, from Gaza City, as a result of deliberate medical negligence, after he spent 28 continuous years in the occupation prisons, where he was arrested in 1991.

Al-Ashqar called on human rights and humanitarian institutions to intervene to pressure the occupation to release these prisoners who spent more than half of their lives behind bars, especially in these exceptional circumstances with the spread of the Corona pandemic. He also called on the media to shed light on this group of prisoners who spent decades behind bars For the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people.


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