Gaza: New Corona Recovered Case and Appeal to Provide Examination Materials and Medicines

Ashraf Al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, announced today, Thursday, that a new case has been recovered, the ninth of the 13 citizens diagnosed with the Corona virus.

And the ability in the daily press briefing of the Government Information and Information Center in Gaza, that all the remaining four cases in the isolation hospital at the Rafah crossing, are in a reassuring health condition and no new injury has been recorded.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health completed the quarantine procedures for 1231 hosts in the quarantine centers, including 241 health teams, security men and services during the current week.

And that the Ministry is still following health 807 hosted inside 17 quarantine centers in the Gaza Strip, all of them are in good condition.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that the ministry and other ministries are doing their best to immunize the society from the threat of the Corona epidemic, calling on those who left the quarantine centers to adhere to instructions to prevent and avoid mixing and visiting and applying social divergence.

He renewed the distress call to all concerned authorities to expedite the provision of corona virus testing materials to the central laboratory, stressing that there is no need to send samples out of the Gaza Strip.

He said, "The central laboratory lacks the laboratory testing materials for the Corona virus necessary for conducting surveys for the hosts," noting that the ministry urgently needs to provide its urgent requirements of medicines, medical consumables, laboratory supplies, materials for testing the Corona virus, respirators, and intensive care beds to face the Corona pandemic.

He called on international organizations familiar with the health situation in the Gaza Strip to take concrete steps to enable medical personnel to achieve the first response to the Corona pandemic.

He stressed to all citizens full commitment to preventive and safety measures, avoiding gatherings, public places, the seashore, and limiting movement except to necessity, especially the elderly, children, people with chronic diseases, weak immunity, and respiratory patients for their safety and the safety of society.

For his part, Salama Maarouf, a government media official in Gaza, said that the registration of the affected people has been completed through the link of the Ministry of Labor, tens of thousands of affected people from different professions have been registered, and screening operations are now underway to ensure the correctness of the data entered.

He pointed out that a million dollars in aid have been allocated to workers in the agricultural sector, both animal and plant, to enhance their steadfastness under the current situation, and a support amount will be distributed to 428 farmers and poultry farmers in the first stage early next week, followed by exchange for the vegetable sector.

He pointed out that 17 inspections were organized on the markets and shops and carried out 184 visits, during which 26 seizures and 44 minutes of damage were recorded, indicating that the market conditions are reassuring.

He called on the media to be careful in spreading the news, valuing their role during the "Corona" crisis.


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