Recording 6 new injuries raises Corona´s injuries to 216

General Director of Primary Care, Kamal Al-Shakhra, announced the registration of 6 new infections this evening, Saturday, bringing the number of infections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to 216 cases since the beginning of the virus.

Al-Shukhara said during the evening's government briefing, "The six new injuries were recorded in Artas, Bethlehem, who were in contact, and an injury to a worker working in Atarot in the village of Al-Jadira, and a injury to a woman in the town of Qatnah, northwest of Jerusalem," noting that these injuries were uninfected after taking samples A few days ago, I took new samples and found that they were infected.

On the presence of injuries from an Israeli poultry slaughterhouse and factory, Al-Shakhra said: "We received communications from the Israelis that the owner of the factory was in contact with and traveling abroad."

Al-Shukhra said: "The return of the workers from my lands 48 and the colonies causes us great confusion." The 48 and colonies.

In an answer to questions to reporters, Al-Shukrah said: "The random samples that were taken from the majority of the villages adjacent to the wall, where we try to take random samples and we will present the study in full during the next two days, and there are positive samples from them, but what reassures that many of the samples are negative." .

For his part, government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said, in answer to a question about buying used furniture from the Israelis, as it is frequent during this period during Jewish holidays to buy used furniture from Palestinian merchants, “These days things are different, and we warn that the matter will be dealt with A very high degree of this furniture, all polluted. "

He continued, "Whoever wants to be an agent of Corona in Palestine should buy this commodity and harm his country and his family, and I do not think that anyone is buying this furniture, especially since there are high numbers of injured people in Israel amid doubts that these household items are contaminated."

In response to the inability of some of the private sector to pay salaries to its employees, Melhem said: "The government does not abandon the private sector, and its debts were zeroed earlier in the moment of ease, and today the government is in the moment of hardship and there is a recession in the global economy and reflected on our economy."

On the other hand, Melhem responded to a question about the accusations of an Israeli journalist for Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh that he encouraged the conspiracy theory against Israel that it is helping to spread the Corona virus, and said: "To prove to us that there is no conspiracy, what does it mean to arrest the Minister of Jerusalem Fadi? Destructive, and he harnesses his effort to confront the virus, and what it means by storming cities, bulldozing barriers and opening roads between governorates that were set to limit movement to prevent the spread of the virus, and what does it mean to smuggle workers, and then the occupation arrests Palestinian citizens in light of this crisis, we are talking about real practices , While Melhem confirmed that the Prime Minister Things characterize the back, there are Israeli measures and attempts to weaken the immune health of the Palestinian people.

Regarding the government's betting on people's awareness of the implementation of the measures, Melhem said, "Betting on awareness is important, but the crisis committee tracks and monitors everything that is going on in all cities, and governors play a big role in controlling the pace of movement in cities, and we may take and reduce the size of the movement even as needed. And there are systems and laws that are accountable, and everyone should be aware that exit is an exception and not a rule, and we must not get out of our homes and enter the virus into it and to our children and our fathers and mothers. "

The total number of injuries for this day only increased to 22 cases in Corona, including 4 injuries in Arta in Bethlehem, 5 injuries in Halhoul and one other injury in Yatta, Hebron Governorate, while 4 injuries and injuries were recorded in Beit Anan, one injury in Jadira, Jerusalem Governorate, 3 injuries in Beitunia, and one injury in Qarawah Bani Zeid village, Ramallah governorate, and our injury was in Tulkarm camp, Tulkarm governorate.

Since the beginning of the virus in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip), 216 cases have been recorded so far, including the death of a woman, and 18 of the total infections have been recovered.


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