Relief Committee: Gaza´s health situation requires urgent intervention

The International Committee to Break the Siege on Gaza said today, Thursday, that the spread of the new Corona virus in the Strip will lead to a "real catastrophe", calling for the necessity of urgent intervention to lift the Israeli siege for the 13th consecutive year and save the health sector in it.
"The deteriorating humanitarian and health situation in Gaza requires urgent international intervention to lift the Israeli siege, supply the sector with the necessary medical supplies and medicines, especially in light of the spread of Corona in the world, and the announcement of some injuries in the sector," Zahir Birawi, head of the committee, said in a statement.
Berawi confirmed that the situation in the Gaza Strip "cannot be postponed and delayed."
He explained that the spread of the virus in Gaza will lead the sector to a "catastrophe due to the deteriorating health situation, the lack of capabilities, supplies and medicines, and due to overpopulation."
He called on "international health and humanitarian organizations to provide the components of the epidemic prevention and facilitate the arrival of these supplies to Gaza."
He added, "The world's largest countries, with their financial and health capabilities and hospitals, cannot control the epidemic. What is wrong with you, the poor, besieged Gaza that lacks the lowest essentials of life!"
On Wednesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said it was "working with limited capabilities" in the face of the Corona virus, due to a shortage of medicines and medical supplies, due to the Israeli blockade.
According to the ministry, its warehouses in Gaza suffer from depletion of 43 percent of medicines, 25 percent of medical consumables, 65 percent of laboratory supplies and blood banks, in addition to the severe shortage of sterilizers and protective supplies.
On Thursday, the total number of people infected with Corona virus in the Palestinian territories reached 155, including 12 from the Gaza Strip.

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