Microsoft withdraws its investment in the Israeli company, "One Vision"

The American Microsoft Corporation decided to withdraw its investments in the Israeli company, "Any Vision", which specializes in spying on Palestinians, through cameras and using Microsoft technologies.

This decision came after efforts made by supporters of the Palestinian people in America to send a signed message from 75,000 people, in which they are asking the giant Microsoft company to withdraw its investments in "Any Vision".

The international campaign to ask Microsoft to withdraw its investments in the Israeli company, "Vision", declared its success in achieving this goal, describing it as extremely brilliant and urgent, as it comes at a time when governments are using the "Corona" virus as an excuse to violate human rights.

The campaign said: "As soon as we heard the news of Microsoft's investment of $ 74 million in the company" One Vision "last June, we launched a campaign to demand the withdrawal of this investment in the company working in the field of facial recognition, where one of the investigations proved its involvement in surreptitious monitoring of the Palestinians.

"Hand in hand with Microsoft workers and community leaders in Seattle, and MPower Change and SumOfUs, we have been able to make a drastic change and get a giant company to get it right," she added.

She indicated that she collected more than 75,000 signatures of people on consecutive petitions addressed to Microsoft, and that she organized a pause in front of the company’s headquarters, during which the petitions were delivered.

The international campaign confirmed that the monitoring carried out by the company, "Vision" is a violation of human rights, the Palestinians' privacy, and the basis of their dignity.


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