Melhem: No new injuries and stable conditions

Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem announced that the results of the tests of 10 samples taken from different governorates showed that they were uninfected.

Melhem confirmed in the evening press briefing, today, that the health conditions of all the injured are stable.

He praised the national effort that the regional committees are making in all governorates to serve citizens and secure their needs, which constitutes the highest meanings of solidarity, solidarity and community participation.

He said: The precautionary measures taken by the competent authorities are to protect citizens, preserve their safety and prevent the spread of the virus.

Melhem renewed his call to citizens to abide by their homes, stressing that home quarantine and preventive measures are the only treatment available in the case of the Corona virus, indicating that most of the infections were the result of closeness and family visits.

He said: "In the time of Corona we must change the culture of reception and farewell, and refrain from visiting until this pandemic passes, and we are in health and wellness."

With regard to salaries, Melhem said: The government will study at its weekly meeting next Monday, how to spend salaries, without prejudice to the precaution and precaution that the government and our people started with a high level of awareness, and in order not to make the day of salaries payday a day for mixing and increasing the number of casualties.


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