No new corona infections in Gaza and nine cases "in good condition")

Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, the health spokesman, said in a press statement this evening, Friday, that the nine infected with the Corona virus in the Gaza Strip are in a "good and stable" health condition, and that the extensive laboratory tests conducted by the central laboratory were all negative results, and no new infection with the Corona virus emerging in the Gaza Strip was recorded. Gaza until now. "

"We reassure our people in the Gaza Strip that the nine cases who were declared infected with the Corona virus are in a good and stable health condition and they have not had any new health changes until this moment," he said.

He explained that the medical teams in the Gaza Strip "provide their services to 1680 hosts inside the quarantine centers in the governorates of the Gaza Strip, of whom 935 are returning from various illnesses who are undergoing direct health follow-up in hotels, health centers and specialized hospitals within the approved preventive measures."

Al-Qudra affirmed that "all citizens who finished the quarantine of those returning to the Gaza Strip on 3/3/2020 did not show any health changes, with our assurance that everyone should take the highest levels of safety and personal and home protection."

He said that the continued Israeli blockade has made the basic health and humanitarian essentials that we work to confront the new Corona virus threatened at any moment, and that "maximizing the state of preparedness and urgent response to confront the Corona virus requires international and relief institutions to provide $ 23 million to support us with respiratory devices, intensive care, medications and medical consumables Laboratory supplies and laboratory examination materials.

He stressed the ability to the need for citizens to adhere to personal and public preventive controls, noting that health reviews all preventive measures first and foremost, and we tighten our procedures every day to fortify society.


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