Gaza plant exported to the world ´muzzles´ and "kits" medical to confront "Corona"

A factory in the Gaza Strip, which has been under a suffocating siege for 14 years, has begun to manufacture "muzzles" and "medical kits" used around the world to counter the risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

Over the past few days, the owners of the plant have succeeded in exporting quantities of these products to the West Bank and the Israeli side, as well as a number of Arab and international countries.

Bashir al-Bawab, one of uniball's plant officials, said the world's emergency situation has led them to shift from sewing all kinds of clothing to sewing muzzles, needles and sanitary kits needed to cope with the world's widespread coronavirus.

According to the doorman, their company began providing medical staff in the Gaza Strip with their medical needs for these medical clothes, as well as the local market, before exporting quantities to the West Bank and other areas.

He noted that there is a high demand for these medical garments both in the domestic and international market, and that the factory seeks to meet the needs of the market.

He said the plant is operating in emergency conditions and amid health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus among workers. Hundreds of workers are working at the factory to deliver as much as possible in order to meet the needs of the market.

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