Reporters Without Borders: Israeli authorities prevent journalists from covering the "Deal of the Century" demonstrations

Reporters Without Borders said today, Wednesday, that more than 12 journalists covering the protests in the West Bank have been injured or their work has been obstructed since the unveiling of the Century deal.

The nonprofit added that it has registered 16 cases of obstructing the work of journalists since the deal was unveiled on January 28.

Five of these cases included journalists who were injured by rubber bullets or tear gas, during clashes between Israeli soldiers and young men.

The organization called on the Israeli authorities to ensure the media can cover developments following the disclosure of the deal.

Sabrina Benoy, head of the organization's Middle East office, said that Palestinian journalists are only trying to work, adding, "Under any circumstances, reporters should not be placed in the same category as protesters. They should be surrounded by special care to enable them to exercise their coverage in relative safety."

The organization added that there are also incidents of correspondents who are detained for several hours or threatened by Israeli soldiers while working.


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