Trump officially announces details of century deal

US President Donald Trump announced today, Tuesday, the details of his plan for peace in the Middle East, which included several aspects related to Jerusalem, a new Palestinian state and the investments that will be made in it .

He said in a press conference that "today represents a major step towards peace and youth in the entire Middle East who are ready for a more hopeful future, and the governments in the region know that terrorism and Islamic extremism are the common enemy of all . "

He noted that he was "determined to follow a constructive path to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

And Trump continued: "Building peace between them (Palestine and the occupation) may be the most difficult challenge, and previous administrations tried and failed miserably, but I was not elected to do small things or get away from major sticking issues."

And he added: "Today we take a big step towards peace and were dazzled by what Israel has achieved, which is a center for democracy and trade, a light that pervades the world and is a holy place and a strong promise to the Jewish people."

He explained: "Our deal extends over 80 pages; it is more detailed than any other deal. As I have seen various problems and they need tactical solutions to make the Palestinians and the Israelis enjoy a more secure and prosperous region, it satisfies all parties, solves the problem of the Palestinian state, and Israel enjoys security."

He explained: "Our vision will end the cycle of Palestinian dependence on foreign aid, and we will help enable the Palestinians to flower themselves and enjoy dignity."

He noted that "this plan will remain open for 4 years, and the Palestinians can identify it, and then negotiate with Israel." "Abu Mazen, if you choose peace now, we will be there to help you with all the steps."

He drew attention: "I sent a message to Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas), and I informed him about the deal of the century and its schedule."

"This will be the last chance for the Palestinians, because there will be no team like ours who loves Israel and loves us and they know where the shoulder is eaten."

President Trump noted: "I did a lot for Israel. The most important of them was the withdrawal from the bad Iranian nuclear agreement and recognized Jerusalem as its capital and that the Golan is Israeli territory." Stressing: "America will recognize Israeli sovereignty over the areas controlled by Israel."

He stated in remarks that "the Palestinian people deserve a better opportunity for their lives while they have suffered from terrorism. I am trying to build peace between Palestinians and Israelis; I suggest detailed solutions to provide a more peaceful environment for the various parties."

He continued: "Job opportunities will be created for the Palestinians and poverty will be eradicated to reach the prosperity of their lives. We will help the Palestinians to reach their independence and to face the challenges of peaceful coexistence."

The US president indicated that the century deal "gives the Palestinians time to fully prepare for an existing and prosperous state. The deal will allow an end to the activities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad."

He stated: "I want to thank the UAE, Bahrain and Oman for the wonderful work they did and send their ambassadors to celebrate with us today."

He stressed that "the Holy Land should be a symbol of peace, not a field of conflict." He added: "Israel will work with the wonderful person, King of Jordan, to ensure that the Al-Aqsa Mosque remains the same, and that Muslims continue to visit the place."

He claimed: "It is time for the Islamic world to correct the mistake it committed in 1948 by attacking Israel. We are ready to cooperate with all parties to achieve this vision (the deal of the century) and many countries are ready to cooperate with us."

He continued: "Many countries want to participate in providing $ 50 billion for new projects in the new Palestinian state." Adding: "My plan will be given to the Palestinians a capital in East Jerusalem, where we will open an embassy for us there."

But he added: "My plan may be the last chance for the Palestinians to obtain a Palestinian state. We will form a joint committee to transform the road map for peace according to my plan into a detailed plan."

He reiterated: "The peace plan will guarantee a contiguous Palestinian state and Jerusalem will remain the united capital of Israel."

He pointed out that "the proposed transitional stage for a two-state solution will not represent a great danger to the State of Israel in any way, nor will we allow a return to the days of bloodshed and explosives and the attack on cabarets."

He said, "Peace requires compromises and concessions, but we will never ask Israel to give up its security."

He noted that "the Palestinian people have become distrustful after years of unfulfilled promises, and have been subjected to many tests, and we must get rid of failed methods yesterday."

He claimed that "the plan will double the Palestinian territories and grant the Palestinians a capital in East Jerusalem, and the United States will open an embassy there. The Palestinians deserve an opportunity to realize their wonderful and great potential and there are those who use them as pawns to promote terrorism and extremism."

And the press conference stated that "the plan is to make Palestine, Israel and the region more secure, and represents a real and realistic solution for the two countries in a way that realizes the dream of the Palestinians and the security of Israel."

Trump has been due to announce his plan at the White House since 2017 with his close ally Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing charges of corruption, and is seeking to stay in office by running in legislative elections on March 2.

The plan announcement comes as the US Senate holds hearings over Trump's accusation of misuse of his position.

Netanyahu is also facing imminent trial procedures, after his request for parliamentary immunity from corruption charges was dropped in a surprise move on Tuesday .

The American president has taken several steps to reveal his support for Israel, which he describes as "the greatest friend", and he has always boasted of his support for Israel .

On December 6, 2017, he broke with decades of international consensus and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In November, the US administration dealt a new blow to international consensus on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians by declaring that Washington no longer considered the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank illegal.


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