A series of mass rallies in Gaza, rejecting the deal of the century

Thousands of Palestinians participated, today, Tuesday, in several mass rallies in the Gaza Strip, rejecting the deal of the century .

The largest of these marches was in Gaza City, which was called by the National and Islamic Forces Committee. While marches took place in several camps in Gaza at the invitation of the Refugee Committee in those camps, with the participation of school students .

Participants in the Gaza march started from the city's industrial junction, led by leaders of the national and Islamic forces, notables, and representatives of unions and civil institutions, and they crossed the Thirtieth Street on their way to Ansar Roundabout, west of the city, where a speech festival was held .

Participants in the march raised Palestinian flags, black flags and banners that confirmed the rejection of the deal of the century .

Member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front, Talal Abu Zarifa, who participated in the march, stressed that "this massive march is a message for all that the Palestinian people are united in facing the deal of the century . "

Abu Zarifa said to "Quds Press": "Everyone must feel the great danger that the Palestinian issue is going through and we are going to end the division in order to confront the deal unified . "

He added: "This deal will not pass and the Palestinian people will drop it, just as all settlement projects before it were dropped . "

At the end of the march, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" Khalil al-Hayya delivered a speech on behalf of the national and Islamic forces, in which he affirmed the Palestinian people's determination to drop the century deal.

Al-Hayya considered that this unified march of all factions is the first nail in the coffin of the deal of the century . Emphasizing: "When we are united, Trump and no other person will dare violate our rights . "

He continued: "Trump thinks that he can, in the absence of history, pass a deal that ends the Palestinian issue, and pass measures through which the right of return can be struck off, or eat up our land . "

He welcomed the invitation of President Mahmoud Abbas to Hamas to participate in the Palestinian leadership meeting. Confirming that his movement will participate.

He added: "This is not enough to require other meetings in order to agree on a unified strategy to face the deal of the century . "


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