Gaza: Call for mass rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday, rejecting the "Deal of the Century"

The National Authority for Return Marches and the Siege on the Gaza Strip, today, Monday, invited citizens to participate in a wide and wide participation in all national and popular events and marches rejecting the "Deal of the Century" starting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In a final statement to the meeting, the commission called for the formation of the widest mass rally in all places of Palestinian presence, calling the various local and international media to highlight and intensify media coverage of the events of the state of public anger.

She affirmed her unequivocal and total rejection of the American deal, which she said was a natural and expected result of the series of conspiracy and incitement against the Palestinian people and attempts to liquidate its cause.

"The American strategy has always been supportive of the Zionist enemy and its hideous crimes against the sons and daughters of our people," she said.

She stressed that "facing this damned deal cannot be without achieving Palestinian national unity, strengthening and supporting our valiant resistance, and activating all forms of struggle and struggle in the face of the criminal Zionist enemy."


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