Erekat: What Trump is doing is unjust to the Palestinians

 Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat confirmed that what US President Donald Trump and his team are doing is destroying the path of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, in reference to the US peace plan, known medialy as the "Deal of the Century", Trump will announce it soon.

"It cannot be described as a deal of the century, it is a fraud or a bluff of the century. This is the most unjust game we have seen in international relations," Erekat said in an interview with CNN, the American news channel, published on Monday. My future, my ambition, and the future of my grandchildren, without bothering to consult with me because he wants to win (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) in the Israeli elections, and he wants to reap the votes of Americans in the 2020 elections. This is the most ridiculous chapter in the Middle East peace process. "

Erekat told Trump that "what you do wrongdoing, you recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and you say that the settlements are legal, cut off support for UNRWA and Palestinian institutions and hospitals, and then say you want to talk to the Palestinians in the future after they decide their future," adding: "He is trying To impose on us what he wants, this is a game of fraud and deception. "

"If they want to destroy the two-state solution, will they accept one country in which Christians, Muslims and Jews are equal? ​​Of course not. What they are trying to impose is one country with two systems and racial discrimination, this is the end that Trump is trying to achieve," Erekat added.

"If President Trump continues this deal of his own, the art of fraud, then this means that he cancels all other previous agreements signed in terms of references, international law and international legitimacy," Erekat said. He said: "Therefore I fear at the end of the day that Netanyahu and Trump stand alone against the international community, who will refuse to engage in solving problems outside the framework of international law and want to solve problems by peaceful means."

And secondly, once this step is taken, they cancel the Oslo agreements and all the agreements signed between the Israelis and the Palestinians. There is a high possibility that the Palestinian Authority will not be able to withstand such a strike, and Netanyahu will find himself fully responsible and assume responsibility as an occupying power from the Jordan River to the White Sea The average. "


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