Macron, French president, expels Israeli security, visits Al-Aqsa

 French President Emmanuel Macron appeared in a video reprimanding members of the Israeli security during his visit to the Church of Saint Hannah, "the authority" near the tribes section in Jerusalem.

A French journalist reported the video on her Twitter page, while activists deliberated that the reason he reprimanded and expelled security agents was their provocations and their violation of the rules and protocols.

Macron told an Israeli policeman on the church gate, "We definitely know everyone here who is, I don't like what I did in front of me, so I get out of here."

"Let's stay calm, and I respect your work, but we have a lot of things to do inside."

"Everyone should respect the holy places, and everyone should leave here."

The late French President Jacques Chirac did a similar act after noting that Israeli forces harassed him during his visit to Jerusalem in 1996.

Macron is visiting Israel, his first since taking office in 2017, to participate in the celebration marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz camp on Thursday.

The French President went to Al-Aqsa Mosque and toured its courtyards, while visiting the old town.



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