American union boycotting an Israeli medical conference

 The Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported today, Monday, that an American medical union decided to boycott the first international conference on herbal medicine, hosted by the occupation state next month in Tiberias.

According to the site, the decision to boycott and not participate in the conference came due to great pressure from the international boycott movement of Israel known as the BDS.

He pointed out that the conference is the first of its kind internationally and will be on herbal medicine, with the participation of 11 experts from Israel and abroad, pointing out that the pharmaceutical industry union would have participated in the conference, and videos were posted on its accounts in social networks to invite its members to participate in the conference.

Activists from the United States organized an online campaign to boycott the conference, for the right of the Palestinians to live a decent life and provide their rights, from clean water, education and health, prompting the union to respond to that campaign and stop their participation and delete all the videos and invitations that were launched to participate in the conference.

The site indicated that it was decided to continue to hold the conference despite the American boycott, and despite Israeli anger over what happened by the international boycott activists.


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