The occupation seizes 127 dunums west of Salfit

 The Israeli occupation authorities seized 127 dunums of land in the towns of Burqin and Kafr Al-Dik, west of Salfit, claiming that it is state property.

The settlers of "Bruchene" settlement started, with the protection of the occupation forces, to raze the land in the Zohr Sobh area, north of Kafr El-Dik.

The owner of the land, Abdel Nasser Ahmed, said: "A few days ago I was surprised by the leveling work on the land, and put a fence and an iron gate around it, on the pretext that it is classified as" C "and that it is state property, and this is not true, and are just arguments for controlling it and setting up outposts.

Ahmed stressed that he has all the papers and documents proving his ownership of the confiscated land, stressing that he will go to all institutions in order to restore his land and remove the fence and gate that the occupation placed on it.


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