Gaza: 500 thousand dollars losses after the occupation dumped agricultural lands

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip estimated, today, Sunday, the agricultural damages as a result of the occupation opening dams gathering rain water east of Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, at about 500 thousand dollars.

According to a statement by the ministry, the occupation opened dams and ferries in the areas of eastern Gaza Governorate, Jabalia and Beit Hanoun, as great damage was caused to fields planted with various types of vegetables, in addition to losses in the poultry and bee sectors.

The ministry indicated that the initial damage count showed that the size of the losses was estimated at half a million dollars, pointing out that the occupation repeatedly deliberately opened the dams of rain water within a week, which led to flooding and erosion of soil in some areas, and the destruction of all crops such as potatoes and onions, In addition to the different field crops cultivated in this land.

She explained that for the Gaza governorate, specifically east of Shujaiya, the recorded losses were about 700 dunums planted with field crops (barley, wheat, pecans, etc.) and 100 dunums planted with vegetable crops (cabbage, flower, peas, onions, etc.). In addition, about 100 honeybees were damaged, as the total damage there was estimated at about 350,000 dollars.

In the North Governorate, specifically in the Jabalia and Beit Hanoun regions, the losses were as follows: About 120 dunums planted with field crops were damaged, and a number of greenhouses and poultry farms were damaged, with losses estimated at about $ 150,000.

She pointed out that the technical teams in the Agriculture Directorate of Gaza and the North carried out inspection tours on farmers ’lands yesterday and today after the Israeli occupation opened water dams towards farmers’ lands for the second time in a row and incurred huge financial losses.

And the agriculture pointed out that its crews operating in the field were exposed, during their inspection of the place, to tear gas canisters by the occupation army, which led to obstruction of their work, calling on international and humanitarian organizations to protect farmers and stop attacks on them and their lands.


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