$ 3.1 million losses of the Israeli aggression on Gaza

The Israeli Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the Gaza Strip said on Sunday that losses of the recent Israeli aggression amounted to $ 3.1 million, in addition to other indirect losses.

Sarhan explained in a press conference in Gaza, that 500 housing units were partially damaged, and 30 units between the total and partial demolition is not suitable for housing, pointing out that the value of these damages alone amounted to 2 million dollars.

He pointed to the damage to agricultural land and irrigation systems and fishing boats, and the value of losses in the agricultural sector is about 500 thousand dollars.

Water, sewage, electricity and road networks were also damaged, and infrastructure losses totaled nearly $ 300,000.

Twelve commercial establishments were damaged, and the direct losses in economic establishments amounted to about $ 100,000, while many cars, transports and various vehicles were damaged, and the losses amounted to nearly $ 100,000.

He said that many of the government buildings and institutions were damaged, including 15 schools, along with two education directorates and one security headquarters.


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