Opening of the "Return Garden" on the eastern border of Gaza

The National Authority for Return Marches and Breaking the Siege on Sunday opened its `` Return '' park in the area of ​​Queen of East Gaza, which was the first of the marches since its beginning on March 30, 2018.

Khaled al-Batsh, head of the Authority, said in a speech, "The aim of the opening of the park is to transfer life to areas where the occupation wanted to kill the Palestinian people," noting that the marches, despite their peacefulness, turned into a project of life for the Palestinian people.

He stressed the continuation of the marches until achieving their objectives. He explained, "The occupation will not prevent us from continuing, and the battle with him will not end until the return of our looted right."

He pointed out that the Commission will hold its weekly meetings in a dedicated headquarters inside the garden return, to confirm its commitment to its people and to fulfill the blood of the martyrs.

The Authority completed the establishment of the park in order to promote popular participation in the marches, and to be a landmark and impact in that area, which witnessed many national events, pointing out that the area of ​​land on which the park was built was a gathering of rubble and residues of houses destroyed by the occupation during the aggression on Gaza.

The Authority is seeking to rebuild the area and encourage citizens to repair and cultivate land there.

She explained that if the necessary resources are available, she will seek to establish a series of parks and similar vital projects in the remaining five camps in the eastern areas of the Gaza Strip.


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