16 Palestinians, including a girl, were arrested

 Israeli occupation forces arrested, early Sunday, 16 citizens from different parts of the West Bank.

In 'Anabta, north of Tulkarm, soldiers raided and searched the house of Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Samad, and confiscated his father's vehicle. Zaher Amer Barakat and Yazan Taysir Abdel Dayem were arrested.

In Qalqilya, 27-year-old Ali Riyad Tabib was arrested at the northern entrance to the city.

Israeli forces raided the village of Bani Na'im east of Hebron, and arrested the girl Maryam Manasra and her father Yahya Manasra.

In Jerusalem, Israeli forces invaded the east, arresting 11 citizens: Adam Shafiq Obeid, Khaled Walid Obeid, Mohammed Marwan Obeid, Zia Ayman Obeid, Hatem Hassan Zomorod, Khaled Mustafa, Nadim Safadi, Mohammed Ibrahim Darwish, Faris Zaatari, Ali Hamdan and Mutasim Hamza Slaves.


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