Injuries in the weekly march on the Gaza border

Dozens of demonstrators were injured on Friday as israeli forces suppressed the return marches in eastern Gaza in its 78th week.
According to a medical source, the injuries were caused by live bullets, rubber bullets and gas canisters, which caused a large number of demonstrators to inhale gas, requiring field treatment.

One of the people injured by live fire was seriously injured by a sniper's bullet in eastern Jabaliya, the source said.
The marchers threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the occupying forces at the border, while the soldiers returned fire.

Friday was named "Our Children of Martyrs", where dozens of children took part in the march, holding up pictures of child martyrs killed by the Occupying Forces during marches and others.

Khaled al-Batsh, head of the National Marching Commission, said this Friday is in respect of the blood of the martyrs who have risen throughout the conflict with the occupation.

He accused international human rights organizations of being silent in the face of child abuse. To provide international protection for children in the face of these crimes.

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