The occupation killed 30 civilians, arrested 400 others, and demolished 7 homes since the beginning of the year in Jenin

The Prisoner's Club said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested about (400) citizens from Jenin , its towns and camp, and the highest percentage was during the month of March 2022, and it reached (100) cases, and the number of martyrs who rose there 30 martyrs, including the martyr journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, and the last of them is the martyr Dirar al-Kafrini. 

Since the beginning of this year, the occupation forces have demolished seven houses belonging to prisoners and martyrs, and they are the homes of prisoners; Muhammad Jaradat, Mahmoud Jaradat, Ghaith and Omar Jaradat in the town of Al-Saila Al-Harithiya, in addition to the house of the martyr Diaa Hamarsha from the town of Yabad. 

The Prisoner Club indicated that Jenin has witnessed, during the past few years, a significant increase in the rate of arrests, but since the end of last year, and with the beginning of this year, the arrests have increased compared to previous periods, and are mainly related to the level of confrontation with the occupation, specifically after the operation (Freedom Tunnel). . 

The club explained that a large part of the detainees have been repeatedly arrested over the past years, and that part of the arrests came within the framework of the systematic policy of collective "punishment" implemented by the occupation authorities against the families of the resistance fighters.  

It is noteworthy that the number of prisoners in the governorate has reached about 500, including four female prisoners, the last of whom was the detained Donia Jaradat, who was arrested yesterday, corresponding to the seventh of August 2022, in addition to the captive Mona Qaadan, Yasmine Shaaban, and Ataf Jaradat, who is the mother of the two captives Omar and Ghaith. locusts. 

It is worth noting that the number of prisoners serving life sentences from the governorate is 75, the last of whom was the captive Muhammad Marwah Kabha, and they are among 175 prisoners who are classified among the prisoners facing high sentences.

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