Palestine ranked fourth in the world at an international exhibition in the United States

The Ministry of Education announced today, Saturday, that the State of Palestine ranked fourth in the world in environmental engineering; Through her student team participating in the ISEF International Fair in the United States of America .

And the ministry stated in a statement, today, Saturday, that the two students, Najah Ibrahim Halabiya and Marah Abdel Hamid Al-Zeer, from the Abu Dis Girls Secondary School in the Education of the Suburbs of Jerusalem, obtained this position for the “Smart Programmer Project to rationalize water consumption during ablution and bathing”, under the supervision of teacher Rudaina. Hamdan .

The Minister of Education, Marwan Awartani, praised the excellence of the Palestinian students in this international scientific forum, stressing that the students of our schools, through their brilliance in these participations and their desire to inform them of distinguished scientific experiences in science, technology and engineering; They reaffirm their persistence; To raise the name of Palestine high and challenge them to all the circumstances and challenges before them .

He explained that Palestine's participation every year in this event demonstrates the importance of employing scientific research and disseminating it among students. To develop the education system and make students participate and interact; Being the heart and center of the educational process .

In turn, the head of the Internet and Informatics Department, Muhammad Waridat, who headed the student delegation, indicated that the ministry sent nine of its students to participate in this exhibition; They represented her with five projects, including the project: (The Smart Programmer to Rationalize Water Consumption During Ablution and Bathing) .

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